News 2013

27.11.2013 Due to some technical changes, the request form no longer works. If you sent any requests lately and didn´t get an answer, please email us directly at
Sorry for the trouble!


17.09.2013 A new interview with “Bass Players United” is now online 


25.07.2013 And another “Avantgarde” review in the German mag “Gitarre&Bass“, issue 08/2013. This time, the 6-string Jinmoid Nylon! 
For those, who prefer to hear an instrument and not just read about it:
Here is a review and playalong by Gear Gossip of exactly this guitar  

GearGossip Basslab Nylon Guitar 

Thanks to Uli Dumschat for the long loan! 


04.06.2013 “4-string with a sports running gear” – headline of a new review in the German mag “Gitarre&Bass“, issue 06/2013. 


11.03.2013 “Voice of Germany”-participant Sami Badawi teamed up with Michael Caine for an (almost) acoustic version of “More than words” by Extreme with a Theta Classic.


15.01.2013 The German mag “Gitarre&Bass“, issue 01/2013 has an article labeled as “My first guitar” on both my musical history and the beginning of BassLab, incl. some compromising old pics.

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