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Here is another guitar!

Okay, not what most expect, but it is not the first electric guitar with a few frets more, a single pickup, soundholes and to many, the L-bow-design is nothing new.
This guitar is a signature model for the Japanese artist and friend JINMO.
This "six-handed" guitar dervish needs every centimeter of his guitar, thus the 39 frets, while the bow extends the low-end and adds enough "meat" to even the highest notes.
The body shape places the tremolo (or optional fixed bridge) fully integrated into the body and gives full access to even the highest frets.

Of course, this one can also be ordered with less frets, a second pickup, etc....
Typical 6-string specs are:
Scale length: 647,7mm (25.5")
Frets: 39 + zero-fret
Width/ thickness at nut: 42mm / 20mm
Width / thickness at 12th fret: 54mm / 20mm
Width at 21st fret: 58mm
Width at 39th fret: 62mm
Neck shape: flat "D"
String spacing at bridge: 10mm
String spacing at nut: 7.5mm
Pickups: EMG 89 (others upon request)
Hardware: truss rod, Steinberger TransTrem*, ETS headless system or fixed bridge with standard tuners
Colors: all, pearl and metallic effects
Weight (with TransTrem, BassXX, battery): ca. 2750grams (approx. 6 pounds)
Weight (with fixed bridge, passive): ca. 2150grams (approx. 4.4 pounds)
Available as 6-, or 7-string (more upon request)
Options: soundholes, different pickups, optional modified BassXX preamp, fixed bridge or tremolo etc...

* TransTrems are pretty rare nowadays and are only used, when provided by the customer. Our stock is empty and we are not going to buy those from Ed Roman.

And finally:

Check his website to see, why he needs exactly this!

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