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Till Spohr "Some skunk funk by the Brecker Bros. on BassLab Soul-V  (finger-style)

(For some unknown reason, the video doesn't always show up. Just click it - it's there and it's worth it!)


Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree) Soul-IV fretless "Rejuvenated" (finger-style)

Fred Motte from Bordeaux, France STD-V demo song (direct recording, some compression used, but no tone controls...), (slap-style)

Heiko Eulen recorded two live-tunes during a concert in Germany with his L-bow-V (finger-style) and "Shibuya" as another L-bow live rehearsal-recording with Blue Lounge

"Professor T" with a passive L-bow cut 5-string, (mainly fingerstyle)direct (multi-track) recording

Freddy Samsonstuen (multi-track) with an 8-string fretted/fretless, a 6-string fretted L-bow and a 6-string fretless L-bow. See the detailed text on soundcloud on what he uses on each of the songs.

Heiko Eulen recorded a tune with an L-bow-V fretless (finger-style) direct recording

Gerald Reese
 with an STD-IV from the CD "Raw and Powered", played with the slapring. A metal ring for the thumb, which makes it sound very metallic, but also agressive. (slap-style)


Erique Troi - Tunes from the new CD "The Porclaine Experience" available from TowerRecords. All tunes were played on a Soul-IV.
Erics comment: "That was the ultimate bass for the studio! I just went directly through the mixing board and hit the engineers were astounded! ....and wow! it worked!"
(slap and finger-style)

Wolfgang Schmids Special Kick and his Soul-IV (plectrum-picking style)

Ringading Slothang (MP3)
Ringading Dang (MP3)
feat. Joo Kraus, Libor Shima, Peter Wölpi, Marco Minnemann

Daniel Verdier BassLab Soul-VI (multi-track)

Daniel Verdier BassLab STD-VI (finger-style)

Vince from France on the STD-VI. Not shure about the guitar....... (slap- and finger-style)

Matthias Rethmann on the STD-VI - Rock (slap- and finger-style)

Freddy Samsonstuen has done two videos, featuring two of his (three) BassLab basses and a Chris Larkin 9-string: 
Enter weekend

Let me play my bass (Featuring Henning Iversen on guitar.)

Premier Guitar Musikmesse 2009 Interview


Wolfgang Schmid and Doldingers Passport  TV show (here with the STD-IV, but he now owns a Soul-IV) (plectrum-picking style)


Gerald Reese (slap style) on his STD-IV  Played with a heavy metal ring (slapring) on the thumb!

Discover the shape of the L-Bow Music by Daniel Verdier.

Sound clips

All the following tracks were done in PASSIVE mode and with no tone control (except one). All tracks by Heiko Eulen.

Soul-IV - soundholes, 2x HB pickups

starts with bridge PU, then both, neck only in the end

some slap and finger stuff. (Sorry, there is some background noise on this one.)

this one in active mode, bridge pickup + 70% neck volume, bass/treble flat, mid + 40%, lower-mid selected

STD-V, soundholes, 2x HB pickups Played with a plek

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