There are also some customer reviews on Harmony Central: guitars and basses

Thanks very much for the use of your very own Soul IV bass. I’m fortunate enough to have some really great basses in my arsenal, yours is very serious competition indeed! Instantly, I found the construction, feel and playability very much to my liking, and the bass is very well balanced. I’m really impressed by the range and quality of the many tones available, as well as the noise free output, sustain, definition, clarity, cleanliness and presence of the notes. The bass worked very well for me in the studio, and live too.
Colin Edwin, Porcupine Tree, UK, now owner of a Soul-IV fretted and fretless

Just got the bass and everything is fine. The bass has a really great sound, design and perfect ergonomics! And it’s very impressive to hear, how the acoustic material you developed has a great sound ! Even when the bass is unplugged, I can hear the sound very loud and full!
Your bass is really great – very stable neck! We have temperature variations in Brazil from 10°C to 30°C in just one day and the neck doesn’t move a milimeter! Great job! 

PJ, Jota Quest, Brasil

This is by far the most precise guitar I have ever played.  The sound is ready in a blink of an eye and guitar responses to the pick extremely precisely.  Play this guitar with a coin and you learn a lot about timing.
Pentti, Karikko, STD-guitar

If I can hear all this on a tapping instrument, where lightly tapped, lower tension strings vibrate more freely over the pickups and interact less with the neck/body structure, then your acoustic effect must be dramatic on bass guitar!
Emmett Chapman,, about the sound of a Stick XBL36 prototype

Greg, the bass makes the band sound crisper, cleaner, and tighter because it makes me play tighter with the drummer. And also because any mistake I make is also clearer, so I have to be more on top of it – which is great!
Giovanna Westwood, Las Vegas, Silver STD-V

The BassXX preamp is a really nice circuit. It actually manages to cut and boost the chosen frequency ranges without coloring the tone of your axe! More than that, it is clean and quiet. I was really impressed!
Stew McKinsey, BassXX preamp

You can just concentrate completely on playing. You no longer need to even think about managing the bulk or the mass of the bass.
Edith M., Ontario, STD-V

:The weight is great – it’s very light and comfortable. I love the little gold fret markers across the top, and the gold clef symbol. The gold hardware looks stunning on it!
Ruthann O., Kansas, L-BOW-V

The BassLab has the best clarity and warmth and records the clearest, so it basically has become my workhorse for any bass lines I need to record.
Kenneth W., California, STD-V

I’ve owned roughly a dozen basses in my life and the majority have been “boutique” type instruments. I’ve reached the conclusion that if I’m going to spend a good chunk of change on an instrument, I should get what I want. Greg and Basslab are ready to accommodate. Basically, if their methods of instrument construction will allow them to do it or try it, they will.
Sean Haider, Ohio, From “The Bottom Line” mailing list

The bass arrived today. I must say I am very impressed. I have owned “custom” boutique basses by Alembic, Surine and Zon, but have never been as pleased with the playability or tone. The fit and finish are far better than conveyed by the web images. The tone is very focused/tight. I truly appreciate the time you took to hear my tonal and ergonomoic desires and guide the pickup placement – that part of the “custom” equation is not usually available from other builders. The custom lower horn is perfect for me. The “cherry on top” is the gigbag, a funky work of art in its own right!



…and yeah i did use the Soul bass on 80% of the recordings…..that was the ultimate bass for the studio! i just went directly through the mixing board and hit record…man the engineers were astounded! ………some of the old bass lines i had to do over because i needed a better signal….and wow! it worked!

Erique Troi, Soul-IV


…..Last night was the first time I actually got to play the bass for a while.
I have to tell you that I’m totally in awe of this instrument. It is truely amazing and I feel privalaged to own and play it. Not only is it sonically awesome, but it is also ergonomically perfect. It just feels incredible. It sounds incredible. I could go on and on, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. YOU have created a piece of musical art that is truely unique.

Bryan, L-bow-V


Just wanted to let you know that I played some basses over at Greg Holmes’ place.
I can’t believe how amazing those instruments are.
I will be purchasing one as soon as I can afford it (in the next year)
You really need to get these instruments out there. I just wrote a brief review on talkbass, and as soon as I buy one, I will be hyping this thing everywhere.
I haven’t been this excited about an instrument since I bought my first Parker Fly guitar.

Thanks for your hard work,
Marc S

and on

Hello all.

This weekend I had the opportunity to try out a couple of basslab basses, so I’ve decided to review what I saw.
I stopped at GH Services which is located in the niagara falls area, on my way between Cleveland and Boston.
The impetus for this has been after spending a lot of time on the basslab site, I saw a lot of excellent players doing amazing things. The problem is, I’m not excellent. I’m pretty good. I’ve been playing for 15 years or so. I can play a wide variety of styles, but hell, I’m not vic or jaco or billy or steve or .So without further ado, here is a review of four basslab basses.
Upon entering the establishment, I saw 4 basses on stands. My first reaction was !!!!!!. They look MUCH better in person than they do on the website.
The first bass I picked up was a standard V in blue . I immediately set it down. Picked it up again.
It has no mass!
I thought maybe this was some toy version, not the real thing. It couldn’t possible be lighter than my Parker Fly guitar could it? After the initial shock of being able to throw a 5 string bass around my shoulder without blinking, I started plucking some strings.
Playability: The composite feels excellent on the fingers. Very fast and light. The tone unplugged is very loud and full sounding, thanks to a hollow body design. I don’t know how this fingerboard would feel on a fretless. The instrument is so light you can barely feel it, and balances perfectly in just about any position.
After plucking, slapping, and basically tooling around while talking to Greg about the tech specs, I plugged it into an acoustic image clarus 2r, set flat.
Tone: There is not a single sound that cannot be had by this bass. From old P style to super funk slap to anything else you can think of. The EQ and pickups on this baby are beautiful sounding. All around the instrument, you get a nice tone, from the low B to the 24th fret on the G. I’ve never heard anything so even.

Probably the biggest difference between these basses and anything made out of wood would have to be TONE.

Without even plugging it in, the tone is huge! I wish I could find the correct words to describe it. Loud and full, literally like a semi-acoustic.
The only way I can describe it is through the feel you get when you play it. There is 0 resistance from the neck. Hmm. That reads odd. The neck plays something like aluminum or glass. There is none of the tackiness/stickiness that comes with rosewood fingerboards, or wood necks. It’s like nothing at all but your fingers and the strings. And DAMNIT that’s how I like it.

Unfortunately I did not play the L as much as I should have. I had an aversion to the shape for a while. But after seeing it in person and playing it, I’m liking it more and more.

The B string on the L was definitely fuller, I would say even a little “boomier” than on the STD. I can’t really stress enough how amazed with these instruments I am. I’m currently in negotiation with the devil to sell my soul for a couple of these axes.
The only thing I can say is, get your hands on one, you will not regret it

“When I unpacked the box, I saw the gigbag and it’s different than the one that we can see in the website. It’s modern and nice-looking 🙂 Very sure for the instrument and soft. The bass was packed with care, and very sure. It was funny to see the box reinforced with german newspapers and hypermarket offers 🙂

When I opened the gigbag, and I found the STD I’ve feel fine! It’s a little smaller than I thought. First, I was thinking that it was me, but when I show it to other people, all says the same, that it’s smaller than it seems in the website. I’m saying that for the people that only can see a STD in photo, because his size is great.

By adjusting frequencies and treble/bass you can adquire very different kinds of sounds, from metallic ones, to more classical. All sounds are very rich with a nice attack. The strings distance from the frets is great, so tapping and slap comes a pleasure for your hands, and for your ears. The two rough crystal HB are impressive, with great sound and you can play all kind of notes and techniques with the best quality of sound. They were suggested to me by Heiko, the Basslab chief and I must say that they’re a success and a must have 🙂

I tried some different slap techniques, hammering, fingering, tapping, chords… All sounds beauty and perfect. I’m very happy with the sound of the STD, specially because you can adjust it quickly to all your needs.

I was reading all kind of reviews in specialized press, and I was a little afraid when I read some “bad points” of the STD, but I can say that these are definately not correct. As an example, I was reading that the firsts frets were very far and they’re difficult to play there, but it’s not true. I put the bass in all kind of positions. Playing seated, adjusting the strap up and down, and it was always comfortable to play, for any fret-position.

I put the strap and the STD holds perfect. If you play with the bass very high, as some great bass players do, it goes well. If you play with a more classical position, with the bass a little inclined, goes well too. And if you play with a more rocker/grunge position, with the bass down, it goes well too. And in middle position, it’s perfect 🙂 Other comments that I was reading in reviews, talk about a “too metallic” sound… Noth ing so far from reality. It isn’t true. The sound is very rich, and you can adjust it to sound as you want it. It can sound metallic, but only if you want. It’s very easy to play with it. More easy than other good basses.

If I have to define the STD with only one word, it will be “Comfortable”. His light weight, the string spacing, the HB’s… You don¬¥t have to play hard, ’cause touching relaxed, already sounds incredible. The STD gives so much comfort to the musician. I was playing it hours and hours and always was comfortable. And if I have to define it with four words, it will be “Comfortable, best sound quality” 😀

All kind of comparations with my older basses comes ridiculous, because the STD surpasses them in ALL aspects. I have a bass effect processor, and with the STD I can get the maximum quality of sound from it. All the effects sounds a lot of better than with other basses. I tried great basses, and basses from famous bass players, and nothing get’s compared to the STD quality.

I was impressed with the lacquer effect. It’s very beautiful, adding more beauty (if it’s possible) to the STD. When I show it to my band’s singer, his first question was “from what year in the future have you brought?” and when I explained all his specs and pro’s (STD doesn’t seems to have contra’s) he says “It can fly too?” 🙂

To conclude, I must say that I’m very happy with my STD, It let’s you be more creative, and I can learn some things that I couldn’t play on other basses. I think that it’s the bass of the future. And about the basslab team, always correct, joyful and patient, they always have answers to your doubts and questions, and they have a great tractment to you discovering the great persons that they’re behind Basslab.

So, if in the future I need another bass, I don’t have any doubt. It will be a Basslab.”

Albert, Spain, STD-IV


Went to LA Bass Exch., needed a soft rack.
They always have something….
Do you know about these things?
I had sorta heard, but there was a new one, …. Wow- I just about totally maxed my Visa out, & I may go back there & do it! 2 grand!
Keep in mind I have the best ’69 P-Bass in history, a Sterling, and a Rick Turner Renaissance fretless, so its not like I fell off the “OP” truck or sumthin-

This axe weighed about an ounce! It was all ONE piece- neck/pickguard, body!! It had tight hardware, the bridge was so damn tight. This thing was played thru the “house rack”
G*D*! Switched between an Aguilar/Demeter/Demeter/pre’s/ Crest power amp, some stuff I don’t even know about-Speakers-don’t get me started!!! Aguilar! Demeter! Eden! Sheee..
But the Bass! The Bass!
I don’t know how to tell ‘ya- It was chunky and SOOOOO tight- so tight- I’ve played graphite, wood, aluminum (Vacarro) necks, this was -eerrrrrrrghghghghgh!
Check them out- Please do not buy them I want the only one for me.
I am in the doghouse for a lot of reasons w/ my wife- but I may have to camp out to justify this axe- Yes I’m stoked. These are unreal!!

Last night, as I pondered spendong 2 large for the
Soul- Iplayed my ’69 P-Bass which, to make a long story short, is amazing. I played my Sterling, I don’t have to say a thing- I played my Renaissance Fretless- Sweeeet-
But I still had a hole for the “SOUL”
I can’t describe the bass well enough- It was very light-composite, one-piece. It had tone to spare- Very hightech p/ups, pre-amp, obviously high-end build.
The neck was totally unique- To me, it had a feel like a thicker Fender (I forget the radius and/or designation- A, B, C whatever) but the character of the composite material & the one piece configuration- Just outstanding to my taste.
The instrument howled when I slapped it, and sounded like a 300-year old Upright when I rolled off the mids and went into my acoustic mode.
Obviously, the state of the art rack I was playing through (Gawd!) helped, but 1st- I always play an axe unplugged to listen to the wood talk, or in this case, the composite material! I can’t say enough about how impressed I was (actually, I already have).
Guys, if you are considering an instrument, if you can find one of these to play- have at it! It really is a trip!
…the instrument was to me a marvel of design and construction- It weighed next to nothing and was so perfectly set-up and so incredibly assembled and “tuned” that it was hard NOT to sound good.
This bass is beautiful (it’s a light-blue one)- I want to own it not merely as a possession, but because it makes me happy to play and inspires me to play more and to play better.
Thanks for building it!

The “SOUL” model I dug so much is very traditional in shape, etc. It is the composite one-piece construction and state-of-the-art hardware/.electronics that put it in the 22nd century! The sound, tone, & feel are right now & forever!

Not only have you succeeded in enhancing and updating the characterisitcs of J-Bass, I believe you have set & developed some new standards as well- The Soul builds on a tradition for sure, but it has a character ,tone, and quality that is unique and solid. (I better stop b4 I get carried away again!) ….

LarryJ on

BASSLAB  Prototype 5
Zoinks! Another innovation from Germany. The body, neck, and support arm are molded of carbon fibre. Everything is hollow, and it resonates like crazy. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I plugged this bass in…it is so light, it kind of goes against the preconceived concepts of bass building. In all candor, I was shocked at the response; huge low end and articulation of  every note on this bass. Granted, it looks a bit…different, but so did a P  bass 40 years ago. These basses will be here in force soon, and if you can, stop by and play this little monster. Two local luthiers were here in the store  recently. They did the expected double-take, then were very interested…and  shaking their heads over the sonic power of this thing. I am told retail will be  around $2600.00. Many different shapes will be available. Stay tuned for  updates…

Bass Alone Website: (Bass shop in San Diego, US)

S”? ” du har ocks”? ” hittat till BassLabs fantastiskt designade instrument. Tro mig,  de “?§r SNYGGARE i verkligheten! Inte nog med det, de L”?ÖTER FANTASTISKT! Och  ovanp”? ” allt har de en enast”? “ende k”?§nsla och “?§r s”? ” l”?§tta att du kan spela i timmar.
PROVA SJ”?ÑLV! Kontakta mig p”? “

BassLab´s new partner is Urban Knutsson at SUBurban

Hi,  My name is XXX and I live in San Diego California. I tried your yellow bass today at Bass Alone and felt that it was really cool! Definitely not going to be for everyone, but as a fool-proof, bomb-proof road bass, it was really great. It played perfectly in tune and had a wonderful resonance. If I lived near you guys  I would strongly consider buying one. Keep on going, you are doing something worthwhile and totally unique.

Hi, it´s Chris. I got the bass yesterday. May i say its a work of art!!

I recieved the bass (an STD IV) on tuesday morning, and i played  with it during wednesday’s (…) training session in replacement of my Kubicki Factor. Regarding finger playability, everything was perfect, and it is a  very good point, because i play very strongly with fingers, regarding slap style playing i will have to practice more because of new strings spacing.

Regarding the sound :
– Warm, powerfull & very precise low frequencies.
– Even with my quite very strong finger  playing, no extra noise like string and fret knocks
– In general, the sound is very good, very clean,  prefectly precise (which is very rare except on Zon Legacy basses), warm, all strings are prefecly balance, no string stronger than an other one, on each neck finger positions the sound is powerfull, no kind of “bouf” or “Klink”  note . For me This bass is absolutely prefect for the music i play with (…) and extreme Hardcore Metal were precision is mandatory (Even  more during recording session). The only little drawback i hear (but this is personnal due to my playing style), it is this little lack of 1Khz frequencies “Klonk” [I use those frequencies so as to have a more violent and  aggressive sound], but i will try to analyse more the electronics on saturday  so as to get them.

As a result, i am very very happy of this bass. This bass will record our new album “Goddess Empire” entirely [It is due to his extremely precise sound and no parasite noises]. Basslab basses are quite perfect for me…

Basslab  basses are great, it tried to be as sincere as possible so as to explain you my first band training session feelings using a Basslab. Many thanks again for the deal, i will never forget that.

Very best regards,
(The man who slept with a Basslab last night)



My name  is XXX! Im a guitarist now sign’d to Sony Records along with band mate XXX for a  3 Record deal,with a large Japan tour to follow. Im interested in playing one of your guitars on the CD at hand now as well as playing it on tour, I would be happy to give you full credit on the Cd as well. As you will see from the below  reviews from all over the world,Im at the very top of my feild of playing.I look foward to hear back from you.



I would  just like to say that your instruments are the most mind blowing basses i have ever layed my eyes on. i am 16 and ive been playing bass for a few years and i  was thinkin about a new bass but now im not just thinking im planning, i am goin to go out and get a job just so you can build me the bass of my dreams. ive had  so many ideas about my dream bass but all of them seemed impossible but after  seeing your basses i know that its not impossible its totally possible and for  no more then a few thousand. ive been sitting here flipping out over these incredible basses for an hour. well i have to go before i have a heart attack. i will be dreaming of these things all nite.

your newest fan




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