This is the bass, that most often generates typical "love it or hate it" reactions. Although many would think, it was done for aesthetics, we can clearly say, that the bow is there to add something to the tone, that wouldn´t be possible with any other shape. (Keep in mind, that both, the neck and bow are hollow!) While adding a huge low-end and also some extra "meat" to all strings, it gives you the most defined and tight "B", we can think of.
Besides all other BassLab-typical fortés in tone like sensitivity, fast attack, clear tone, sustain, this one takes them to the max. In short: this one is all about bass. (Click on the pic to the left to see the gallery.)

Typical 5-string specs are:
scale length: 867mm (34")
Frets: 24+1
Width/thickness at nut: 51mm, 20mm
Width /thickness at 12th fret: 66mm, 21mm
Width /thickness at 21st fret: 76mm, 21mm
String spacing at bridge: 17 or 19mm
String spacing at nut: 9mm
Pickups: 2 Delano Soapbar (others upon request)
Preamp: BassXX (bass, treble, parametric mids, active/passive switch, battery control-LED)
Power Supply: 9V
Power consumption: 0.5mA
Hardware: ETS bridge, truss rod, string locks (no double ball ends needed)
Colors: all, pearl and metallic effects
Neck shape: flat "D"
Weight: 2900-3200grams (about 6.3-7 pounds)
Available as 4-, 5-, or 6-string (more upon request), different string-spacing, etc...


Some love it, some hate it, but this bow has a real impact on the tone by lowering the resonance frequency by a large factor*. What you get, is a deep and extremely detailed low end with some meaty low mids -keep in mind, that it is as hollow as all the rest. Though the detailed bassrange is an actual strength of all our instruments, this is unparalleled.
* We`ll let you know, when we come up with something, that has the same effect and is invisible.

Controls shouldn`t be in the way of the player (or shredder?) and accidently moved. Out of the way and still easy to reach.

A comfortable armrest, that doesn`t keep blood from reaching your hand. Fits well for many arm (or player) sizes and playing positions.

Not screwed-on, glued-in or neck-through. One piece and an intersection, that allows easy access to the highest frets.Of course, the battery can be changed in seconds, no tools needed. A great companion to the battery-control-LED of the BassXX preamp.

The excessive backside shape keeps the instrument in place, so you can focus on playing, not holding the instrument.

Linear headless tuners are much more accurate and improve tuning stability. Focussing the weight on the body close to yours, enhances handling and upgrades the instruments overall balance.

There are too many custom features to list - one is an integrated thumbrest. Just ask.

Let`s say, this fret helps to slap, by moving the upper fret side closer to the thumb. It also keeps your real fret from being "dengel`d" down. Anyway, not really important.



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Sound-samples are on our bass sounds page

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