Double Neck-Bass

Doublenecks haven´t been too popular, especially due to their weight. Since all of our instruments are lightweight, we can also do double-neck instruments, that compare well to a wooden single-neck cousin. We can combine standard fretted and fretless bass as well as bass and guitar or different numbers of strings.... Tonewise, it´s comparable to our STD-model, while the bigger body also adds more volume to the low end - as one would expect. We highly recommend headless tuning systems for balance and overall weight distribution, but headed is also possible. Electronics are our BassXX preamps and Delano pickups, but - once again - you can also choose that on your own. Same thing for parallel or angled necks. The standard switch between the "two instruments" is a 3-way toggle, with upper or lower neck and also both, in case your guitarist would like to help you out, during your fretless solo. Tappers might be able to even use both necks at once.

Typical 5-string specs are:
Scale length: 867mm (34")
Frets: 24
Width/thickness at nut: 48mm, 23mm
Width /thickness at 12th fret: 68mm, 25mm
Width /thickness at 21st fret: 78mm, 27mm
String spacing at bridge: 17 or 19mm
String spacing at nut: 9mm
Pickups: 2 Delano Humbucker
Preamp: BassXX (bass, treble, parametric mids, active/passive switch, battery control-LED)
Power Supply: 9V
Power consumption: 0.5mA
Hardware: ETS bridge, truss rod
Colors: all, pearl and metallic effects
Neck shape: round "D"
Weight: usually less than 6kg (approx. 13 pounds)
Options: Available with any combination of necks (guitar or bass, number of strings, fretted or fretless), parallel or angled necks, pickups of your choice, integrated thumbrest, soundholes, different string-spacings, headed or headless etc...

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