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How can I get my hands on one?

Be sure to check the appropriate BassLab - partner website for exact prices, infos, availability of demo instruments or simply use our request form. We will contact you via E-mail, wherein we fix the model, your configuration and pricing. We can also inform you about delivery times and payment methods…

We sometimes have a few demo and used instruments for sale! You can find those located in Germany below. 

Please read our terms of condition and warranty, before you place an order!

For all German (and also some other European) customers, there is also the chance to get a demo instrument for a week. There haven´t been many available in recent years, but just drop us an email and we´ll let you know!

International prices 
(€ net)

(€ incl. 19% VAT)



(All prices below are just to give you a first idea. Prices can vary, due to the amount of options)

STD - 4-string starting at



L-BOW - 4-string starting at

2700,- €

3200,- €

Soul - 4-string starting at

2550,- €

3000,- €











Demo instruments

The following instruments are demos or used ones, that we sell for less.
If you are interested, please email us at demo@basslab.de. (Please don´t forget to let us know, which instrument you mean and where you are located.)
All instruments are in a technically good or even new condition!! (Some of the pics might not show the same configuration, so please ask for details and pictures.) These demos are all located in Germany. Others can be found on the websites of our partners


Early STD-V bass

imperial blue, black ABM hardware, Rough-Crystal soapbar pickups, DaCapo 3-band preamp, 19mm string-spacing, 34" scale length, built in 2000. Get in touch for more details.


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