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Ever thought, your instrument doesn´t deliver what you expect? If so and if you also find the solution to your problems and needs, it´s not unlikely, you´re on the same road as we once were.
Our first experiments date back to 1992, all being done in the evenings - after working on a doctor thesis during daytime - in the back of a private appartement (note: no garages involved!). A pretty well functioning instrument was done in late 1993. Pretty different from what we do now, but the main features were already there - one pieced, completely hollow, lightweight, pretty well sounding - and almost exactly what earlier theoretical calculations were predicting. (Okay, the fretwork and lacquer were "not quite satisfying", to say the least!). Well, No.3 worked much better and is still in perfect condition and played regularly.
In the first years, there was still too much other work with acoustic expertises and much other stuff, until it all took off with the first official appeareance at the Frankfurt Musikmesse, Germany in 2001.
Since then, we have done numereous music fairs and shows, met musicians and got reviews from all over the world, while still improving and expanding. Besides of now 4 bass and three guitar models, we are also almost done with a few other stringed instruments and stuff like several electronics, which we do in cooperation with Richter electronics.
Being just active in business since 2001 and already having ongoing cooperations with individuals like Emmett Chapman or Ned Steinberger is much of an honour for us. Not to forget the encouraging reviews from our customers and all the musicians we met in this relatively short time.
We don´t see ourselves just as manufacturers of basses and guitars and hope, that we will find the time to realize many of our other ideas.

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P.S.: Since the end of 2011 I´ve been writing a monthly column for the US guitar mag "Premier Guitar", called "Bass Bench". Although having bass in the name, it mainly covers the technical background of both basses and guitars, which are working in pretty much the same way.

You can also read also read all 120+ columns on their site!


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