This instrument is our approach of a new ergonomic standard for electric basses. We offer these in headed and headless versions, but always use the headless tuners at the tail of the instrument, while the string locks hold the standard single-ball-end strings. Not only being lightweight, it´s also shaped to keep it in an almost 45° upwards playing position (as optimal as the classical guitar position). Tonewise, the STD excels in clear tone, sensitivity and a frequency distribution, that gives you an extremely versatile tone. Everything is just there, before it gets to the pickups. Our standard pickups are Delanos, which are well known for their clear and detailed reproduction of the original sound. Of course, you can also get any other pickup of your choice. Same thing for the BassXX preamp we developed: quiet, dynamic and versatile. (See the gallery (opens in a new window) for some headed and headless basses)

Typical 5-string specs are:
Scale length: 867mm (34")
Frets: 24
Width/thickness at nut: 48mm, 23mm
Width /thickness at 12th fret: 68mm, 25mm
Width /thickness at 21st fret: 78mm, 27mm
String spacing at bridge: 17 or 19mm
String spacing at nut: 9mm
Pickups: 2 Delano Humbucker (others upon request)
Preamp: BassXX (bass, treble, parametric mids, active/passive switch, battery control-LED)
Power Supply: 9V
Power consumption: 0.5mA
Hardware: ETS bridge, truss rod
Colors: all, pearl and metallic effects
Neck shape: round "D"
Weight: 2900-3200grams (about 6.3-7 pounds)
Available as 4-, 5-, or 6-string (more upon request)
Options: integrated thumbrest, soundholes, custom string-spacing, headed or headless etc...

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